Update: Self Care and Ergonomics-Golfer’s edition

In my practice during the pandemic, I have observed that clients working from home have created a new set of challenges, and pain doesn’t go away just because you’re not at the office. 

This is resulting in clients coming to me with more repetitive strain injuries than I have ever seen before at one time.  They are experiencing new wrist, forearm, neck and low back pain which has developed or is aggravating previous conditions.  As we head into golf and gardening season, this type of overuse becomes even more compacted.

I would like to address this in a way that helps us all get back on the prevention side of what we call ‘repetitive strain injury’ or ‘RSI’.  Today’s post will be some simple forearm stretches that, if done daily, can make a world of difference for forearm and wrist health.  The following is a forearm flexor stretch: As with any stretch if any pain occurs then discontinue, it is not a ‘no pain, no gain’ thing with stretching. 

Now here is an example of how to stretch the opposite muscle group which are the forearm extensors. Make sure your elbow is straight for both stretches, and if comfortable, hold for 30 seconds and do both at least once daily especially if you are keyboarding all day.

 Forearm tension that has been going on for a few weeks or more can be more quickly resolved through massage therapy treatments, particularly with the aid of cupping therapy which I find to have the effect of ‘decompressing’ overused areas.  Please see my page on cupping therapy to find out more about how it works. 

For more acute pain, Julie offers ultrasound therapy- a non-invasive way to address inflammation.  For example, your elbow pain, after a long week at the desk followed by a few rounds of golf- may be tender and sore to the point that even lighter massage techniques feel uncomfortable. The ultrasound unit, which employs sound waves that bounce off the tissues beneath the skin’s surface, can barely be detected as it glides over sensitive areas but can have effective, lasting results, preparing you to be at your best whether it’s at your job or your hobby!

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