Reopening and new address

Dear clients,

Having assessed the protocols set out by the Ministry of Health and the College of Massage Therapists,  I believe we can proceed safely with treatments.  The new protocols involve some big but worthwhile changes from how massage therapy has been delivered up until this year.

One of the most prominent changes is both client and therapist wearing  masks throughout the treatment. This may be a big adjustment but it is proving to be one of the most effective ways to reduce transmission. I have observed that those wearing surgical masks breathe with more ease on the massage table than  with cloth masks.

Another change which you may be used to by now is you will see a hand sanitizer station at our entrance where we ask that you hand rub upon entering and leaving the building.

I give a 'hoot'!

For certain treatments such as Hot Stone Massage or TMJ Massage we will discuss the benefit versus the risk of these treatments during this time.  If we proceed, additional personal protective equipment will be used.

Before each appointment, I will ask you to fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire linked to your reminder email, as well as screening you before you enter the building.

I am also maintaining a contact tracing log.  Behind the scenes, additional disinfecting procedures are in effect.

I have missed you all and feel confident that these protocols will keep my practice as protected as possible from COVID-19.

Also-please note the new NEW address (577 Ontario Street-see photo at top of post)- I have recently relocated due to the need for increased space and ventilation.  My website, phone number and email remain the same. Say hello to my two Osteopath associates, Tim Reay and Anne Davies!

Thank you for your patience in waiting for me to reopen, and for being willing to adapt to the ‘new normal’,


Please don’t hesitate to Text/call 905-341-4925

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