Fees: (AS of December 1, 2023)

The following fees include 13% HST

60 Minute Massage-$110
30 Minute Massage-$70.00
60 Minute Synergy Hot Stone Massage-$130.00
45 Minute Massage-$90.00
90 Minute Massage-$160.00
90 Minute Synergy Hot Stone Massage $180.00

Got knots? We’ve got your back. Literally.

The options below show `ingredients` that can be included as part of your regular massage at no added cost (except for Hot Stone). Just let Julie or Paula know your goals and a treatment will be tailored just for you!

Dynamic Treatment

-Injuries and athletic therapies may require a more dynamic approach.
-A combination of massage styles and resources can be used to achieve your goal. This may include passive, and active stretching techniques to help with limited range of motion or chronic muscle pain, stiffness or injury.

Rock Tape

-Quality athletic tape is used to distract pain receptors and support function following treatment
-Helps continuation of pain relief lasting usually 2-3 days

Gua Sha and Acupressure Therapy

Gua Sha and Acupressure are both alternative medicine techniques similar in principle to acupuncture in that they are based on the concept of life energy 'Qi' which flows through the 'Meridians' of the body.
In treatment, Gua Sha can be immensely relaxing as the amethyst stone or roller glide gently over the face, chin, and head. With acupressure, physical pressure is gently applied aimed at clearing 'blockages' in these energy flows.

Cupping Therapy

-Vacuum cupping is used to help pin and stretch muscles and fascia during deeper dynamic treatments for longer lasting results
-Often leaves marks up to 2-3 days
-Paula and Julie been using this effective treatment since becoming certified in cupping therapy in 2018.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

-A device for reducing swelling and pain and to promote healing
-Ultrasound unit is a non invasive form of therapy used for about 10 minutes over the affected area.
-It is a method of stimulating the tissue beneath the skin's surface using high frequency sound waves.

TMJ Therapy/Jaw Massage

-Sore Jaw? Headaches, Jaw clenching? TMJ? Voice or Swallowing difficulties?
-This jaw-focused massage treatment reduces tension in areas around the jaw -including neck, shoulders, face, scalp and cheeks and also addresses muscles from inside the mouth (I wear gloves for this), helping ease chronic or acute pain from TMJ. Please click on 'TMJ basics' to learn more about TMJ and how massage can help.
Julie's added training in addressing voice, speech and swallowing problems includes using myofascial release, a subtle and gentle technique. In these sessions your continual feedback helps guide where and how treatment is focused, which is typically done on the neck, shoulders, chest/sternum, jaw (inner and outer) and head.

Deep Tissue Massage

This transformative style of massage dissolves knots, frees impingements and reduces your pain. Muscular issues and tension are palpated and specific work helps to correct them. Deep work should feel effective but not painful, so your feedback will help to determine the optimal pressure for you. You’ll enjoy a lasting effect of greater ease in your body.

‘Synergy’ Hot Stone Massage

HOT STONE Massage with the addition of 'Synergy' Heat Wave Stones: These uniquely hand-crafted, contoured stones blend soothing heat with ULTRA RELAXING and THERAPEUTIC effects that reduce tension and leaving you feel 'melted'.
Julie and Paula have been doing Hot Stone Massage for many years. These unique stones, hand-crafted in Seattle, make our Hot Stone Massage treatments simply amazing!

Prenatal Massage

-Julie and Paula both have many years of experience with helping moms-to be have a more comfortable, pleasant pregnancy.
-Benefits both mother AND child by reducing stress hormones in mom which affect baby during pregnancy.
-Unique 'Body Cushion System' (see photo below) allows for face down or side-lying position.
-Helps relieve back pain, calf cramps, swelling and other pregnancy discomforts.

Relaxation Massage/ Head and Scalp Massage

Stressed? Just need a quiet, gentle massage?
Massage reduces stress hormones and anxiety and stimulates the brain to produce endorphins. Besides, it just feels nice! A lighter, deeply relaxing treatment, and if you'd like the focus on the head and scalp this is a tremendously relaxing and therapeutic option.