Jogging with Julie

Hi Ladies! Join me for a free morning running group for 20-30 minutes followed by a few minutes of stretching. This is just for fun and not a competition, whether you’re a beginner, or returning to running after a hiatus (like me!) or even if you’re going to leave us in the dust with how fast you are, text or call to confirm details! 905-341-4925


Running with Shitzus

3 days a week Rene and I take our two scruffy dogs for a jog-this exercise is mostly for me and Rene as we’ve been trying to work towards a 5k run for a few months now. We have a beautiful trail close to home that leads us through the woods under a canopy of shade trees, next to a creek that stretches just over 2 kilometers down to the beach.

Sometimes if it’s too hot for them or due to timing, I’ll go out on my own.  While it’s definitely a more ‘focused’ run, it’s way more interesting to enjoy the personalities of the running squad and the friends we meet along the way.  I have many more laughs and smiles at the meet-ups with other dogs and their owners, and at the end of the trail, the reward of the beach where we can take off our running shoes and cool off our feet in the lake. When we get there they love to lie

FullSizeRender (11)

in the water or gallop along aside us, and often need to be chased away from trying to roll their backs into dead fish carcases (why, oh why must they do that??!). One time I got a shock when one jumped in the lake when  he’s never been in water before-after a pair of ducks casually coasting along-I was in disbelief at how good a swimmer he naturally is-it really is in the genes! Now they know when we put on running gear they start ‘dancing’ around and don’t leave our sides-knowing it’s jogging time-and we feel very guilty if we’re not bringing them this time or if they are mislead by our outfits as we aren’t going at all.

In the meantime for me,  I feel in myself the benefits of being in better condition-the breathing and agility improving, stronger and greater energy. As we get closer to being able to run 5k without stopping other than for the dogs to do some ‘sniffing’, I have asked my triathlete friend Paula to coach me (and Rene if he keeps going with it) for a 5k race.  For now, the company of the shitzus and their entertainment value are my biggest motivators.




TMJ Basics

Many of my patients have reported significantly less TMJ pain after even one massage treatment.  Here’s how it works:

-Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction is a disorder of the muscles of mastication (chewing),  the temporomandibular joints and associated structures….  While TMJ disorders may be thought of as a recent phenomenon, a combination of jaw, head and ear pain has been described clinically for centuries.   Patients “whose teeth were disposed irregularly, crowding one another (who experience) headaches” were noted by  Hippocrates.





The causes of temporomandibular joint dysfunction are:

-imbalances in the muscles of mastication

-muscle overuse


-cranial bone misalignment

-postural dysfunction

-increased stress

-trauma (either direct or indirect)

-sinus blockage or infection

-joint pathology


Massage Therapy can help to reduce the direct and indirect muscle tension and trigger points that affect the temoromandibular joint while mobilizing tightened joints.  Self-massage, heat and ice can also be very effective in relieving your tension and addressing inflammation.